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What We Do

Soundpractice was founded by pianist and composer Fred Scott to bring together complimentary facets of his 40 year involvement in music. From teaching to artist representation, publishing to recording, and composing for concert hall and media, Soundpractice excels in meeting your needs for music.

About Fred

Fred Scott, Founder of Soundpractice Music, has been active in the music industry since the 1980’s as a pianist, composer, writer, arranger, mentor and teacher. He trained at the Royal Academy of Music and went on to play around the world as a classical pianist and has also worked as a session musician across all genres.
A cancer survivor, Fred has fundraised for cancer charities and authored ‘One Autumn Day’ about his experiences.
Fred runs a highly successful teaching and mentoring practice and many of his students have made an impact in the profession as performers, composers and teachers.